Hey Guys! Happy New Year! We start the year of with some exciting content:

The A, B, C’s Of Intimacy! Check it out:

1. Appreciation Shows Attraction: 

Appreciate your partner. People may think this simply means an expression of physical affection i.e holding hands but this is not the case-appreciation speaks loudest through your interaction-do you respond to your partner positively? In other words, are you always there for them when they need your help/advice in a particular matter? Are you paying attention to their needs instead of just hearing their wants? Wants and needs are different-wants are temporary and if you are only hearing their wants you cannot truly appreciate their needs-appreciation is a language of permanent attraction-hence you need to pay attention to their needs i.e support their ideas, shower them with encouragement when you sense they are at their weakest-this shows appreciation and it builds attraction.

2. Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder:

People sometimes experience an expiration in their relationships. But beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder so how do you view your partner? This is really your choice-when they are upset you can choose to see them for instance as being nagging/complaining creatures or you could choose to see a man/woman that needs your support and encouragement in a particular issue they are facing-you can choose to see the beauty or the beast in that struggle they are dealing with.

3. Commitment Creates A Connection:

To be committed you need to be connected-to be connected you need to communicate. Listen, the only way to truly sustain your union in the long run is to speak in a language that requires communication-pay attention: speaking in a language that requires communication means you don’t share the same space silently but you converse with each other consistently.

Make time for each other-place each other as a top priority unless loneliness will infect the silence in your union and create an atmosphere that will be hostile to communication-this is when people usually take a break or break up permanently-it starts from a lack of communication.

4. Dedication Releases Decisions:

When you are dedicated to one another you would always decide in favor of one another. When you start to choose other activities over spending some much needed time with your partner-then it is clear there is a lack of dedication because you have clearly not made the right decision. So be dedicated to your partner-this will allow intimacy room to grow strong and it will make your decisions easier in the long run because it will become natural to always choose your partner over conflicting situations.

5. Effort Requires Elevation From Emotions:

This means even if you do not feel like it you do it!

Effort does not require your emotions-you may not want to watch that terrible movie but you go ahead and watch it because your partner wants to. You may not want to go to the grocery store but you go ahead because your partner wants to. You may hate football but your partner’s favorite team is playing the same weekend as your favorite artists are in town-you go to the football game.

This shows effort-it requires an elevation from your emotions because you are investing in your future-your future is not with those artists-your future is with your partner.

So if you are willing to risk your future with that person, then you have clearly stated you are not committed to your relationship.