Hi Guys! I haven't blogged this month-my apologies-I will aim to be more consistent moving forward. Any suggestions for topics can be placed down below!

1. Have I Healed? This is an important question only you can answer-have you allowed God to heal you from your past pain? From your baggage-known and unknown? When God breathes healing in your direction its take time but it would take a whole lot longer for you to figure it out on your own. Before you move into your next relationship you need to know you have enough room to love someone else other than you.

2. Do I Love Myself? This is the next question you need to answer-its vital that you have a relationship with yourself before you take the next step to loving someone else. You will not know how to love, who to love and what love is if you do not know how to love yourself. This in itself is a journey-there is no perfection but there is progress in this direction and when you move in progress you will notice love is a process which in itself will change the way you love.

3. Do I Know My Deal Breakers? You need to know what in essence you will not stand for in a relationship-deal breakers are red lights not yellow and most definitely not green. A lot of people move into relationships with yellow lights-in other words they compromise aspects of their lives  that should not be questioned in the first place-for instance-your faith is not up for debate-you should not be compromising in this area-so do you know your deal breakers? What are they?

4. Am I Ready For Marriage? Yes thats a question you have to ask yourself because if you’re old enough to be in a relationship that is grounded in God’s will, you’re old enough to start thinking on marriage but do you know what it means to be married? I’m not talking about a wedding i.e the dress, venue, flowers, your bridesmaids or groomsmen-I am talking about saying yes when you want to say no to your spouse’s decisions, being there for your spouse through the highs and the lows, putting your spouse first and above your needs and wants, making a home not just a house, preparing to fight for your family in prayer and more-are you ready?

These are some 4 key questions I believe everyone should ask themselves before getting yourself into another relationship. And these questions will need reflection and introspection.

It will take time but it will be worth it if you find the answer.