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My name is Adolphus Duru- 25 years of age and one of the many that have benefited from the wisdom spewed by Toluwalase Falode.

Tolu has this gift of Wisdom, and an ability to say things that would resonate within the heart of her reader like an echo, like she understands what Young people are facing, like she can TOTALLY relate to our “growing up” struggles and relationship ‘Bants’.
— Duru
Tolu’s teachings are like seeds of wisdom and beauty which give me insight on how to be a godly woman
— Kara
From sessions with Tolu I learned how to show that I care in a relationship by being consistent in showing unconditional love in a godly way.
— Stephanie
The Kingdom Courtship class has helped me to reframe my list of what I want and desire in a man and also to understand what a true relationship is.

Now I know our relationship can only be truly orchestrated by God not even by myself or a guy that’s interested in me. I now understand the part I should and should not play in relationships.
— Adedoyin
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Hi! I'm Tolu: Christian Teacher and Relationship Coach. 

I’m a Nigerian-born and raised in Lagos actually. I moved abroad in my early teens to continue my studies-actually it was because I wanted to learn Spanish lol I have a love for languages. I received a Bachelors and a Masters in Law-I was inspired by my late Uncle-he was a law student and my earliest motivator. I am a practicing Christian in case you didn’t get that from above * wink * and I love the LORD deeply as He changed my life.

 I suffered a personal tragedy in 2014, which changed everything. Since then I haven’t looked back and have never regretted walking with God. I love writing-I write EVERYDAY (trust me-this is no exaggeration). I read a lot-more and more as I get older it seems.

I’m curious about people-I like to learn about their challenges mostly because it breaks my heart to see others in pain-I want to help in any way I can. I genuinely enjoy helping people find solutions to their problems.

I love Plantain (Dodo) as we fondly call it back home-and will take any excuse to makeup and dress up any day lol.

I’m an animal lover-ALL ANIMALS (except reptiles and rodents).

My favorite dessert would have to be cheesecake-for now-because that usually depends on the season you ask me so don’t be surprised if my dessert preferences change constantly every year. This is because I love food lol and as a result I'm into fitness.

I believe in working out and taking care of your body right next to taking care of your spirit.

Life is unpredictable and adventurous and it has been that way ever since before I began my walk with the LORD-He just helped me to make sense of it all after I committed to Him. I am a natural planner but have learned to shift my mindset to accommodate the many journeys I have taken since I became a full blown practicing Christian. I love serving as Daddy (that's who God is to me) leads me to people.

I hope that satisfies your curiousity!