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I help people like you that are sick and tired of dealing with relationship anxiety, bad breakups and the constant fear of rejection-every single day. 

You are an 18-35 year old individual that is professionally/academically successful but you suffer from relationship set backs Every.Single.Time. You have high hopes for your current relationship and are initially attracted to your partner but then become bored with the same old conversations. Or you may be married and you and your partner have lost that spark. You both are not quite sure where the connection was lost or at what point you stopped finding each other attractive. You dread the awkward family/friend conversations because they are the prime time for your family members and even your friends to ask you-when are you getting married?

Who is your current boo/bae? Do you want to die alone?! Why haven’t you considered dating [insert name]....

You don't want your marriage/relationship to become the gist for your family/friends. 

You don’t want to have these awkward conversations, you are tired of being approached by men that are married or even women that you don’t find attractive, you are starting to wonder if you really should settle or if you are secretly settling for your current bae/boo, you are struggling to save your relationship but your boo/bae is not co-operating with your efforts and you are fighting temptations daily-I feel you.

I’m Tolu Falode, Christian Teacher and Relationship Coach and my passion is helping young men and women like yourself that have suffered relationship chaos in the form of a bad breakup, divorce, wondering if you should have divorced because of comments from friends/family, still struggling to get over that ex, and trying to believe you have not passed your “selling point” i.e you are still attractive to a prospective partner/spouse-all the time on media platforms and my own personal website and Youtube Channel-Tolu Falode.





 I have taught in Sunday School and ministered on the Word.

I'm a Relationship Coach: I mentor confidentially online and in person to those going through relationship heartache and uncertainty. I help people like you gain clarity on their relationships and understand the next step to achieve peace with your partner. I help you both communicate where there is confusion-I help you understand each other's struggles through confidential advice. 

I'm a Christian Teacher: we recently ended a program called “Kingdom Courtship” to help my students learn how to meet and court (not date!) their God ordained mate. This was a successful course. I have also taught on principles that combine "Faith and Finance" to help believers connect with God given ideas to break into their unique financial platform.

I have been featured on Bella Naija and Genevieve Magazine Nigeria.

I have provided confidential counseling to young men and women going through relationship hell on a daily basis, have mentored individuals that are seeking to meet their God ordained mate and develop a personal relationship with God and have provided advise to those that struggle with commitment in relationships over the past 3 years. 

Much like a Relationship Coach helps her clients identify the issues and weaknesses in their love lives, I help my students and clients understand the core of the issue in their recurring breakups, broken homes, abusive relationships from a spiritual and emotional perspective to allow for a stronger connection between you and your potential partner/spouse through practical, tangible steps because, the truth is:


I care about your pain, your struggle, I care about your breakups, the dilemma of unrequited love or staying where your heart gets constantly broken and I am here to help you cross to the other side-I am here to give you the tools you would need to build a lasting foundation in your relationship through steps I have tried and tested over time to produce results because:


Prior to this, I have been the one that has felt betrayed by relationship heartache, the one that has tried to put all the pieces back together, I have been in those awkward situations where you know your relationship is not moving forward but have no idea if, when, why and how you should get out-so I personally understand where you are coming from.

My turning point was Jesus-I decided and committed to my relationship with Him in 2014 after a personal tragedy-He literally changed my life:


I have become an author, international speaker, founder of  a Youth Ministry where I help individuals daily through relationship advice and counseling, leader of an annual conference to enable people step into their callings, a relationship coach and Christian teacher.

Of all the people and pages I have visited and read from on the Internet, Toluwalase’s stands out via her writing on her Blog “Tolu Falode”. I particularly love how she connected with me beyond the internet and was and has been intentional about my growth and progress. She is a FRIEND, not just a Teacher, my friend.
— Duru
Tolu speaks about being a wife before the man finds you and this is exactly what the Lord had been telling me for the last 6 months-the desires and thoughts I have now are to be a wife-something I had scorned for most of my life!
— Kara
I gained clarity in my relationship about the difference between dating and courting and I was able to see where my relationship was dealing with confusion.
— Stephanie
Tolu’s Kingdom Courtship class came right on time because I was on the verge of making some wrong decisions concerning my relationship.

For instance, the search for a partner is not my part to play-as a woman of God I am to be found. But while waiting to be found, I need to grow and build my relationship with Christ.
This is why the Kingdom Courtship class has been insightful and helpful. Just a few days ago I was able to take a bold step for myself and turn down a guy I really liked. Although it was quite painful the Kingdom Courtship class has helped me to understand that he is not the one.

— Adedoyin

So are you ready to take the next step?